Tuesday, April 12, 2011


its cold, its cold. i feel sick.
couldn't sleep at all last night :(
haven't blogged for SO LONG that even i couldn't believe it lol
sometimes i'd actually like to keep things in mind then spitting them all out. i suppose everyones like that.

i can't even open my eyes properly. too painful but i jst have the urge to blog right now hahahha :D

well. yesterday i went to watch a movie with cheryl JUST GO WITH IT. loved it :L
nearly choked on my drink from laughing nd the woman screaming from behind. cheryl HAHAHAHAH
yeah and we had pepper lunch before that. just a simple outting even with nothing to do is still better than lying on my bed like a grandma who cbb to do anything at all.
my feet are freezing at the moment.. its jst so co...ld.. asodhaosfjals

its been a week or so since the time my grandma, sister and mum left to china. haiii the house is so quiet once again. another a month and more till they're back. i really can't do much for my grandma at this stage because i still don't have the ability to just go out there and buy her like things that might cost me a fortune for. i know i'm not making much sense but it's my blog after all. it may be pointless to read but its worth it for me, koz i've jst let them all out, in the end i'll feel so much better.

crying is probably the best to express your feelings. when my grandma hugged me before she left, i just had this sudden break down to the stage that i wish she can just hurry up and go before she sees my face in tears. lol
anyways, yeah after she's left. i just kind of have all sorts of flashbacks of her laugh* and our talks, it's the funniest thing i've heard, nd i love it when she laughs. she's always there when my mums getting on her nerves, she's always there, you can just see her. pretending nothing can bring her down. she's suffered enough in her life. i've seen enough.

nobody need to actually see my mum in order to recognise our similarities. even in primary schools, parent interview day, lol everyone can just tell she's my mum. ye ye okay, obviously she is my mum, we have to look alike in some places.
these two pictures are the only ones that have lesser memory. somehow others won't upload. but yeah..
they're all photos of her in singapore,
i actually miss her now. sighh
my mum's gone through alot in her life, you kno her name, not her story. she's not like any other mother. i understand she's experienced more stress than me. or maybe compare to them, ours` are nothing. i do agree. maybe i'm jst not strong enough.

hehehhe i have this genes that floats around the whole family, if you kno me it's defnitely easy to communicate with my parents. yes they are strict, and i mean it. especially my mum. but most of the time, they're really fun to be with. they have their own immature sides, i still remember a while ago, i had to spoon feed my mum kiwi fruit koz she's just too cutee hahha :L
it's always so random of my mum to just giggle or do some weird movements in public to kill the silence.
sigh there was a time when i really hated my parents. suppose everyone has. its our rites of passage. and it is the hardest stage to go through.

oh woww. see when i blog, it just turn out to be a hell lot of writing. doubt anyones gna read it oh wells

enough said today.. so tired and cold.
gna make lunch now


Monday, January 10, 2011


hows everyones holidays been ? :)
this summer, is probably the coolest i've ever experienced. i actually like this kinda weather.
cant be bothered with tanning anymore, it jst ended up with no difference, except got burnt on the shoulder. the skins kinda peeling off itself now reowww hehehe

this is wot i'll do to you... JKS rofl.

ohh shnapp.


sweetiepie D: 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

time flies

sorry guys for not updating my blog for nearly 3 months i believe :L suppose this is gna be a long post right ..
first of all, happy new year ! i kno its abit too late. but if you have my fb i've already done so
a year went by, i wouldn't have realised tht until now wen i think abt the past.
urrhh gosh, here i go again ~ hahah
i had my yr 10 formal, which was fabulous <3, probs the best night i've ever spent with friends, not rlly but ye :)
here are some photos to keep you alert.

im going to miss her very very much. words cant describe my feeling atm


the bunch (photographer, carolyn)
well done guys, 3 yrs of junior school, now its time for us to act all mature nd lead the juniors forward :)

2011 will be a new start for everyone, for me definitely but it'll be busy frm school, piano and sister. alot of hardwork have to put into tht, nd i kno there'll be obstacles tht get in my way but i wont let that happen because i kno i can do it.

to be honest, i have failed all my subjects all last yr, 2010 stil doesnt feel like 2011 but ye. i thought i did my best, but the results` always let me down. i dnoe wots wrong with me, tried best to strive for good marks, in the end im still a failure.

joanna's moving school, nd kevin too. okay so we had a farewell party at joanna's house.
selena, marcela, joanna - my love

hot peeps :D bye kevin :'|
 ready for some crazy moments the guys shared on tht day. more like for our main character, kyle :)
nice smile guys :) nd ye kyle in joannas shorts does reveal his sexiness.

eunice's dslr <3 glamorous as ever
eunice's in china nd cheryls in singapore. hehe cheryl you've missed the best time. but ye dw we'll catch up for that :) i promise.

i miss you eunice <3 having fun there ?
 daughter nd bf
this hols went by quite fast for me actually, with all the outings thts planned. friends getting together, i loved tht feeling :D
i've worked twice this week, earned a decent amount. hmm
went shopping with eunice a day before she left for china. i went like crazy in the shops but ye :L

wow i wrote quite alot.
this is not all thats happened in these three months haha
but ye those were the best times nd i've had so much fun !

thanks everyone for the great 2010 ending :DD

Friday, November 12, 2010


haha talk about not taking any photos
i decided to take like wot, two hahaa

extremely ugly, yes i kno but its a good website :)

LOL ye thts me :|