Saturday, October 23, 2010

no title.

its been a week or so that i havnt update my blog. hihihihihihih sorry :)
so.. to sum up what i have been up to all this week i'd like to start it off with my interview with mrs leslie. impressive ...
my appointment was at 11. however i was 1 min late, my punctuality aint that bad alright ? :|
thank god to mrs allen for saving me, so it ended up my interview was 5 mins later. that actually served me time to prepare myself with wht i shud say.
nice of my mum to dress up quite formally.
the whole interview went well, until the end wen my lovely mother decided to say : "she used to be a good girl." isnt it jst nice of her ?.. after me having to exaggerate all my positive impression of bhs nd smiling till the end.
so i gave her a glare nd i suppose she realised she's wrong nd said: " i hope she can still be a good girl" oh god, thank you -_-

but overall, im accepted. so hello blakehurst x)

looking thru my old album of me in china wen i used to play piano, i have figured that the piano here is way better like srsly, yamaha does not even exist in my city. its extremely common here.

i completely forgot how the tune sounded like with the piano above. dnt even kno who my dad sold the piano to. but i'll miss you. :)

2 weeks away frm my actual SC. i have been watching drama lately, once im into it, its hard for me to stop. might as well finish it first :L

"We did not change as we grew older;
 we just became more clearly ourselves." 
                                             ~Lynn Hall
by clearing the past i have come to the realisation that i have gotten stronger.
friendships, falling in love, family, classmates they're all part of me.

oh nd frm watching this asian tv show last night,
congrats Rainie Yang for winning another trophy as an actress i love you x)

i'll always be your fan <3

how cuteee -v-

thank you - rainie
oh, always for you - carolyn xD

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


our trials` finally over except for the computing skills which is happening today. well im not so worried abt it. i must thank lik nd allen for lending me their stationaries yesterday. cant believe i didnt bring my pencilcase to school out of everything i have brought. i tend to forget things wenever i have friends over nd ye, i even forgot my own lunch tht i made first thing in the morning. smart

i cbb to talk abt how i went with the exam. well overall, it was alright. everyone makes silly mistakes nd nobody is expected to kno every single question. well i dnoe alot of quetions, cant help it wen i didnt study that hard. sigh i have a bad memory :| especially wen you get all nervous, you jst blank out in the exam for like a few mins. oh nd finally my sisters photos are uploaded. so now i can show you how shes like. hmmm

shes 9 months turning 10 in 7 days :)
 i really dnoe how i look like my mum more. whoever sees me, thinks i look like my mum. LOL at natasha went up to my mum nd asked if she have another daughter who studies at bhs. my dad was surprised as she made a correct guess. well natasha was looking at my sister at the food court thn my mum came along, according to my dad nd ye.

haha thn the next day at roll call, she told me she saw my mum. haha feels like shes seen a celebrity at the food court. its rather normal if you see ppls parents.
weird layout :3
so theres still 1 hr for me to stay at home before going to school to have my trials. haha 30 mins of the exam nd its done. i have no clue how the actual exams gna be like. hopefully i can handle it. lol at my last name nd the ppl after me. staying in D7 is actually better than hall since its so dark in there. i suppose for our HSC wer gna be kicked out of the hall as well :L
tonights drama night :) mandys bringing me all the dramas i have to watch nd movies. yumm * shes coming in like half an hr.
too much text.
so i think this mans rather attractive. thnks to his wonderful nose its rlly appealing
btw dnt you jst love the fact that eunice shares the same nose as him ngawww !

alright, bbyeyyyeeyebyee :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010


dnt you jst hate it when your parents start scolding you the minute your friends leave. haha
my mum doesnt normally do that koz shes not always home wen im home. LOL my houses like a home stay for everyone, WC is free to use :|

dramas are too perfect for reality. the worlds not perfect at all. lol at the girl who whinges 24/7
i only whinge to my dad jkkss  hhiihihiihihi :)

so my sister hates me koz she loves mummy nd granny. well, trust me you'll love me one day hahaha
wna see my sis, fk i feel old. thnks to my dearly mother nd father who now decided to have a bbby. well cant blame them seeing that my mum left me to singapore wen i was four nd we only started living together wen i was 11 so... ye hahaha we aint that close back thn.. kinda like a stranger wenever she comes nd visit me :|

this is my grandma nd her wen she wos 7 months
shes currently 9 months turning 10. havent upload the rest

yee thats her. her hairs growing. not as less as this one now :L
can you see the resemblance of us ? pls say yeees hahahha much appreciatedd ! 
the piks are going everywhere. oh wells :) my ass` hurting frm sitting. shall move around now haha lalalaala

bubyyee gossip xoxo :L

too early to decide ?

okay so i've only jst started to consider the dress i shud wear to the formal. LOL atm the only shop im interested in is Sheike.

im obsessed with their style nd that. well i went shopping with Shelia straight after coaching one day, she was my slave nd personal designer ._.
therefore i am taking her advice. i tried on several dresses but trust me the price aint that cheap, i dnt have to buy it there but jst feel like trying it haha.
maybe i can find dresses similar like those. well here's a few dresses i've tried whilst shelia running around the shop grabbing me dresses hahahha love you :)

for some reason as i change the colour to pearl, it doesnt seem to work
however the one on display is mystic*
i have tried that one, nd shelia actually said it looked good. if only the price were more reasonable -_-

more dresses i've tried :
lol as i was trying it on nd showing it to shelia; the shopkeepers like "oh that rlly suits you"
well face it man, dnt ppl jst love to exaggerage things to persuade me to buy it

i couldn't find any other dresses online that i've tried at the shop.
so yee.
         as for jewelleries, hmmm

its frm the same shop, jst having a look. might find something similar to put on, possibly pearl whiteishh.. lol im not letting my hair down for the formal.

bags nd other accessories will match my formal dress so have to look around straight after the school cert.

 not bad not bad
can't belive holidays over

well hello schooool :) nd nd school cert !
arent you jst great ?
oh nd looking thru my old photos of me i've realised i havent change much. jst by adding a fringe might make a bit of a difference LOL..

well that ends my entry of today . kind of exciting to see frnds nd teachers. hahahaha

 mataashita ! x )

Friday, October 8, 2010


thanks bubyee x


my sleeping patterns in the holidays are stfed up. took me so long to get outta the bed nd wake up with a headache. sigh

i really have nothing else to do. watching drama is probably the only way that solves the problem.

endless love* , its not bad but i jst watch it koz im bored.
ohh nd gossip girl LOL ..

oh nd this drama on tv : 新一剪梅

not bad haha only started watching tht frm ep 27 all thnks to this cute guy ngawww <3

woww looking hot there x] drools*

btw thats the costume he wore in the drama.. not jst koz of his face
but frm the way he act
frm endless love cant believe nowadays, all the asian dramas tend to invite
actresses frm overseas. probs jst to earn more money.

half French half Chinese
pretty ayee ? LOL 张榕容

HOWEVER, i still love Rainie Yang looking forward to all her new dramas !
btw i love korean dramas, like the old ones. its more depressing.
 haha they're the only drama that attracts my mums attention ng gets all emotional
trust me, my mum cries alot in dramas. well only the ones she desired
so i introduced this Korean drama to Kylie nd haha she kept complaining nd complaining at the fact that its jst so sad. well obviously this is Korean drama wer tlking abt.

wen i get to middle age, shall watch the three dramas tht i've watched. its too heartbreaking:

- 天国的阶梯
- 蓝色生死恋
too good to not watch it man. i watched them frm the disks not online otherwise its gna be all korean with subtitles. i'd prefer chinese LOL..
wot a long post.. sighh that jst describes how boring i am lalallala ._.
WOO shelias coming back tmr. muhahaha i have her uniform so she have to come get it
LOL seeing me before john . suck shit :)

i might come back later. 再见了! 

Thursday, October 7, 2010


If I could be any part of you, I’d be your tears. To be conceived in your heart, born in your eyes, live on your cheeks, and die on your lips.

- too powerful for me to describe

sorry eunice stole it off you hihihihiihihihihhi :)

lalalalala ~

i had a pretty weird dream last night or shud i say in the morning.
funny how in my dream im worried abt science. lamee
so for some reason, we had to memorise the reproductive system of a horse <- dnt ask me why. i have weird dreams all the time. half of them i have no idea wot it is. - confused*

oh god i stil couldn't get over the time i wos so bored on my computer that i decided to
go to to make a baby of me nd mr bean .
yee wow funny how it might turn out to be hahahah

oh ! nd mee x)
so here it is.. if your that interested LOL !
there's my man ;)


hmm i can see a bit resemblance of us..
he/shes got my eyebrows im sure of that :)

funny how my fonts kept changing.. anyways thats one.

OH GOD i hate dentist. have an appointment in the afternoon. dnt wna go :|

oh nd if your interested to read my frnds blog feel freee  to read it: want a photo of her ?? hahaha im so bored...

holidays nearly over. if its not for the school certs sake i wud so love to go to school right now
but yee.
i miss eunice. hahaha havent seen her in like two weeks exactly.
sighh asian parents these days >.>

i must sayy shes got the prettiest nd cutiest smilee i've ever seen; nd obviously its frm cameroid
but dudeee shes enjoying it ! so thereeee :)

god i miss that bitch so badly mann . llalalalalaaa ~

thats it for today  LOL nothing else to blurt out now. soo

ciaoo :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


its about time i update my blog now.
made several blogs but jst happened to forget my password

anyways lets jst put those all to aside
nd start reading ? well, yesterday i went mandys house. stayed for a few hrs
looks likee its not jst me arguing with my mum but everyone mostly. so they had this arguement nd later it wos rather awkward for me to walk outta her room. haha
we were all hyped over singing; suppose thts the result of mandy getting scolded |x

thn we took some piks. haha not much jst like a few, i'll jst copy nd paste frm fb thn. yeees koz im jst that lazy.

so this is one. yee we always choose her bathroom koz its got the best lighting x)

i do get all crazy with taking piks, or i shud say fun !

we had a chat over her mum nd LOL helping her with fake eyelashes. hahaha as a result, it didnt turn out rlly good. the glues jst too disappointing :)

okayy. i might not blog everyday as i either forget abt it completely or jst cbb :|
pls bear with me hmmm

ohoh nd.. as you can see im not familiar with this blog atm
but will get use to it nd will add more stuff as i go along ..dnnoe wen but yee :D