Friday, October 8, 2010


my sleeping patterns in the holidays are stfed up. took me so long to get outta the bed nd wake up with a headache. sigh

i really have nothing else to do. watching drama is probably the only way that solves the problem.

endless love* , its not bad but i jst watch it koz im bored.
ohh nd gossip girl LOL ..

oh nd this drama on tv : 新一剪梅

not bad haha only started watching tht frm ep 27 all thnks to this cute guy ngawww <3

woww looking hot there x] drools*

btw thats the costume he wore in the drama.. not jst koz of his face
but frm the way he act
frm endless love cant believe nowadays, all the asian dramas tend to invite
actresses frm overseas. probs jst to earn more money.

half French half Chinese
pretty ayee ? LOL 张榕容

HOWEVER, i still love Rainie Yang looking forward to all her new dramas !
btw i love korean dramas, like the old ones. its more depressing.
 haha they're the only drama that attracts my mums attention ng gets all emotional
trust me, my mum cries alot in dramas. well only the ones she desired
so i introduced this Korean drama to Kylie nd haha she kept complaining nd complaining at the fact that its jst so sad. well obviously this is Korean drama wer tlking abt.

wen i get to middle age, shall watch the three dramas tht i've watched. its too heartbreaking:

- 天国的阶梯
- 蓝色生死恋
too good to not watch it man. i watched them frm the disks not online otherwise its gna be all korean with subtitles. i'd prefer chinese LOL..
wot a long post.. sighh that jst describes how boring i am lalallala ._.
WOO shelias coming back tmr. muhahaha i have her uniform so she have to come get it
LOL seeing me before john . suck shit :)

i might come back later. 再见了! 

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