Thursday, October 7, 2010

lalalalala ~

i had a pretty weird dream last night or shud i say in the morning.
funny how in my dream im worried abt science. lamee
so for some reason, we had to memorise the reproductive system of a horse <- dnt ask me why. i have weird dreams all the time. half of them i have no idea wot it is. - confused*

oh god i stil couldn't get over the time i wos so bored on my computer that i decided to
go to to make a baby of me nd mr bean .
yee wow funny how it might turn out to be hahahah

oh ! nd mee x)
so here it is.. if your that interested LOL !
there's my man ;)


hmm i can see a bit resemblance of us..
he/shes got my eyebrows im sure of that :)

funny how my fonts kept changing.. anyways thats one.

OH GOD i hate dentist. have an appointment in the afternoon. dnt wna go :|

oh nd if your interested to read my frnds blog feel freee  to read it: want a photo of her ?? hahaha im so bored...

holidays nearly over. if its not for the school certs sake i wud so love to go to school right now
but yee.
i miss eunice. hahaha havent seen her in like two weeks exactly.
sighh asian parents these days >.>

i must sayy shes got the prettiest nd cutiest smilee i've ever seen; nd obviously its frm cameroid
but dudeee shes enjoying it ! so thereeee :)

god i miss that bitch so badly mann . llalalalalaaa ~

thats it for today  LOL nothing else to blurt out now. soo

ciaoo :)

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