Wednesday, October 6, 2010


its about time i update my blog now.
made several blogs but jst happened to forget my password

anyways lets jst put those all to aside
nd start reading ? well, yesterday i went mandys house. stayed for a few hrs
looks likee its not jst me arguing with my mum but everyone mostly. so they had this arguement nd later it wos rather awkward for me to walk outta her room. haha
we were all hyped over singing; suppose thts the result of mandy getting scolded |x

thn we took some piks. haha not much jst like a few, i'll jst copy nd paste frm fb thn. yeees koz im jst that lazy.

so this is one. yee we always choose her bathroom koz its got the best lighting x)

i do get all crazy with taking piks, or i shud say fun !

we had a chat over her mum nd LOL helping her with fake eyelashes. hahaha as a result, it didnt turn out rlly good. the glues jst too disappointing :)

okayy. i might not blog everyday as i either forget abt it completely or jst cbb :|
pls bear with me hmmm

ohoh nd.. as you can see im not familiar with this blog atm
but will get use to it nd will add more stuff as i go along ..dnnoe wen but yee :D


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