Saturday, October 9, 2010

too early to decide ?

okay so i've only jst started to consider the dress i shud wear to the formal. LOL atm the only shop im interested in is Sheike.

im obsessed with their style nd that. well i went shopping with Shelia straight after coaching one day, she was my slave nd personal designer ._.
therefore i am taking her advice. i tried on several dresses but trust me the price aint that cheap, i dnt have to buy it there but jst feel like trying it haha.
maybe i can find dresses similar like those. well here's a few dresses i've tried whilst shelia running around the shop grabbing me dresses hahahha love you :)

for some reason as i change the colour to pearl, it doesnt seem to work
however the one on display is mystic*
i have tried that one, nd shelia actually said it looked good. if only the price were more reasonable -_-

more dresses i've tried :
lol as i was trying it on nd showing it to shelia; the shopkeepers like "oh that rlly suits you"
well face it man, dnt ppl jst love to exaggerage things to persuade me to buy it

i couldn't find any other dresses online that i've tried at the shop.
so yee.
         as for jewelleries, hmmm

its frm the same shop, jst having a look. might find something similar to put on, possibly pearl whiteishh.. lol im not letting my hair down for the formal.

bags nd other accessories will match my formal dress so have to look around straight after the school cert.

 not bad not bad
can't belive holidays over

well hello schooool :) nd nd school cert !
arent you jst great ?
oh nd looking thru my old photos of me i've realised i havent change much. jst by adding a fringe might make a bit of a difference LOL..

well that ends my entry of today . kind of exciting to see frnds nd teachers. hahahaha

 mataashita ! x )

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