Saturday, October 9, 2010


dnt you jst hate it when your parents start scolding you the minute your friends leave. haha
my mum doesnt normally do that koz shes not always home wen im home. LOL my houses like a home stay for everyone, WC is free to use :|

dramas are too perfect for reality. the worlds not perfect at all. lol at the girl who whinges 24/7
i only whinge to my dad jkkss  hhiihihiihihi :)

so my sister hates me koz she loves mummy nd granny. well, trust me you'll love me one day hahaha
wna see my sis, fk i feel old. thnks to my dearly mother nd father who now decided to have a bbby. well cant blame them seeing that my mum left me to singapore wen i was four nd we only started living together wen i was 11 so... ye hahaha we aint that close back thn.. kinda like a stranger wenever she comes nd visit me :|

this is my grandma nd her wen she wos 7 months
shes currently 9 months turning 10. havent upload the rest

yee thats her. her hairs growing. not as less as this one now :L
can you see the resemblance of us ? pls say yeees hahahha much appreciatedd ! 
the piks are going everywhere. oh wells :) my ass` hurting frm sitting. shall move around now haha lalalaala

bubyyee gossip xoxo :L

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