Wednesday, October 13, 2010


our trials` finally over except for the computing skills which is happening today. well im not so worried abt it. i must thank lik nd allen for lending me their stationaries yesterday. cant believe i didnt bring my pencilcase to school out of everything i have brought. i tend to forget things wenever i have friends over nd ye, i even forgot my own lunch tht i made first thing in the morning. smart

i cbb to talk abt how i went with the exam. well overall, it was alright. everyone makes silly mistakes nd nobody is expected to kno every single question. well i dnoe alot of quetions, cant help it wen i didnt study that hard. sigh i have a bad memory :| especially wen you get all nervous, you jst blank out in the exam for like a few mins. oh nd finally my sisters photos are uploaded. so now i can show you how shes like. hmmm

shes 9 months turning 10 in 7 days :)
 i really dnoe how i look like my mum more. whoever sees me, thinks i look like my mum. LOL at natasha went up to my mum nd asked if she have another daughter who studies at bhs. my dad was surprised as she made a correct guess. well natasha was looking at my sister at the food court thn my mum came along, according to my dad nd ye.

haha thn the next day at roll call, she told me she saw my mum. haha feels like shes seen a celebrity at the food court. its rather normal if you see ppls parents.
weird layout :3
so theres still 1 hr for me to stay at home before going to school to have my trials. haha 30 mins of the exam nd its done. i have no clue how the actual exams gna be like. hopefully i can handle it. lol at my last name nd the ppl after me. staying in D7 is actually better than hall since its so dark in there. i suppose for our HSC wer gna be kicked out of the hall as well :L
tonights drama night :) mandys bringing me all the dramas i have to watch nd movies. yumm * shes coming in like half an hr.
too much text.
so i think this mans rather attractive. thnks to his wonderful nose its rlly appealing
btw dnt you jst love the fact that eunice shares the same nose as him ngawww !

alright, bbyeyyyeeyebyee :)

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