Saturday, October 23, 2010

no title.

its been a week or so that i havnt update my blog. hihihihihihih sorry :)
so.. to sum up what i have been up to all this week i'd like to start it off with my interview with mrs leslie. impressive ...
my appointment was at 11. however i was 1 min late, my punctuality aint that bad alright ? :|
thank god to mrs allen for saving me, so it ended up my interview was 5 mins later. that actually served me time to prepare myself with wht i shud say.
nice of my mum to dress up quite formally.
the whole interview went well, until the end wen my lovely mother decided to say : "she used to be a good girl." isnt it jst nice of her ?.. after me having to exaggerate all my positive impression of bhs nd smiling till the end.
so i gave her a glare nd i suppose she realised she's wrong nd said: " i hope she can still be a good girl" oh god, thank you -_-

but overall, im accepted. so hello blakehurst x)

looking thru my old album of me in china wen i used to play piano, i have figured that the piano here is way better like srsly, yamaha does not even exist in my city. its extremely common here.

i completely forgot how the tune sounded like with the piano above. dnt even kno who my dad sold the piano to. but i'll miss you. :)

2 weeks away frm my actual SC. i have been watching drama lately, once im into it, its hard for me to stop. might as well finish it first :L

"We did not change as we grew older;
 we just became more clearly ourselves." 
                                             ~Lynn Hall
by clearing the past i have come to the realisation that i have gotten stronger.
friendships, falling in love, family, classmates they're all part of me.

oh nd frm watching this asian tv show last night,
congrats Rainie Yang for winning another trophy as an actress i love you x)

i'll always be your fan <3

how cuteee -v-

thank you - rainie
oh, always for you - carolyn xD

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