Saturday, November 6, 2010

hello S.C

bring it on school cert.
jst three more days of hardworking nd reooow im done.maybe not
but wow yr 11 soon thn yr 12 hsc.
time went by so fast. the yr 7s jst dnoe how lucky they are right now. those immature bunch
my right eyelids have been twitching for two days already. my left eye has been so itchy lately. had to get marcela to blow it several times at coaching. 
hmm so the whole of yr 10s are probs studying their ass` off for the SC. haha i have the time to blog, nd fb good on me.
slept over at shelia's house for the school trials, didnt get enough sleep for the exam, looking at the paper full of diziness. missed my bed
everyones starting to look for their formal dresses nd accessories whereas i, still have no interest of looking at it jst yet.
i have to look for my piano concert costume first, lol semi formal is enough
needa go shopping this weekend after school cert. this is probably a short post as my eyes hurts from scanning thru hardware tools for my dad at bunnings nd playing with my sis.

well, thats it for today

hi mandy my follower wink wink*

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