Friday, November 12, 2010

hot hot

it has been a rather hot these days for me. but not quite.
sigh 有一件事真的发生的太突然, 我整个人都要死了一样。 hahaha
想了一整天, 我怕她爸妈会觉得我是个怎样的人, 真的好担心 :|
okayy back to the entry. bekoz i jst finished my SC, so i had my two days off plus the weekends. its pretty okay, invited selina over to my house yesterday. we sang K nd i made lunch for her. we talked nd she told me something abt her past nd yee my lips are sealed. hahaa
i did something to her, she said not to tel anyone unless they've noticed hahhaa
tmr i have to go to one of my piano teacher's students house to rehearse for my piano+violin concert next saturday.
btw eunice if your reading this, remember to call/text me if you wna kno more abt the meeting.
everyones already probably buying their formal stuff. sigh i havent had the chance yet. i really dnt wna go formal no more. its gna be quite boring, i really dnt wna waste my time on this.
but i've already paid, so..
i have no idea wot coloured dress im getting. no clue at all. dnoe wot colours suit me better.

okay, enough with the whole formal thing. its getting so boring without any piks, sigh im really srry that i havent taken any photos lately hahha. not that i find it pretty or anything.

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