Wednesday, January 5, 2011

time flies

sorry guys for not updating my blog for nearly 3 months i believe :L suppose this is gna be a long post right ..
first of all, happy new year ! i kno its abit too late. but if you have my fb i've already done so
a year went by, i wouldn't have realised tht until now wen i think abt the past.
urrhh gosh, here i go again ~ hahah
i had my yr 10 formal, which was fabulous <3, probs the best night i've ever spent with friends, not rlly but ye :)
here are some photos to keep you alert.

im going to miss her very very much. words cant describe my feeling atm


the bunch (photographer, carolyn)
well done guys, 3 yrs of junior school, now its time for us to act all mature nd lead the juniors forward :)

2011 will be a new start for everyone, for me definitely but it'll be busy frm school, piano and sister. alot of hardwork have to put into tht, nd i kno there'll be obstacles tht get in my way but i wont let that happen because i kno i can do it.

to be honest, i have failed all my subjects all last yr, 2010 stil doesnt feel like 2011 but ye. i thought i did my best, but the results` always let me down. i dnoe wots wrong with me, tried best to strive for good marks, in the end im still a failure.

joanna's moving school, nd kevin too. okay so we had a farewell party at joanna's house.
selena, marcela, joanna - my love

hot peeps :D bye kevin :'|
 ready for some crazy moments the guys shared on tht day. more like for our main character, kyle :)
nice smile guys :) nd ye kyle in joannas shorts does reveal his sexiness.

eunice's dslr <3 glamorous as ever
eunice's in china nd cheryls in singapore. hehe cheryl you've missed the best time. but ye dw we'll catch up for that :) i promise.

i miss you eunice <3 having fun there ?
 daughter nd bf
this hols went by quite fast for me actually, with all the outings thts planned. friends getting together, i loved tht feeling :D
i've worked twice this week, earned a decent amount. hmm
went shopping with eunice a day before she left for china. i went like crazy in the shops but ye :L

wow i wrote quite alot.
this is not all thats happened in these three months haha
but ye those were the best times nd i've had so much fun !

thanks everyone for the great 2010 ending :DD

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